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CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm Blue Grips


CZ Shadow 2 SA, 9mm, Blue Grips for sale | Buy CZ Shadow 2 SA, 9mm, Blue Grips online

For those target shooters who seek out the best triggers possible, this variant of the Shadow 2 has a single-action-only trigger. While not legal for Production Division like the standard version, the lighter, crisper SA trigger gives the target-shooting enthusiast the ability to punch paper with precision! Outwardly nearly identical to the standard Shadow 2, the SA requires the hammer to be cocked in order for it to fire. Finished in black and with a set of blue aluminum grips and matching blue SA trigger, it’s a striking pistol that’s a joy to shoot. The Shadow 2’s swappable mag release has an adjustable, extended button with three settings to allow shooters to set it in the spot most comfortable for them. A nitride finish coats the entire pistol, while the frame gets a layer of our hardy black polycoat. Thin aluminum grips have healthy checkering to match the fine front and backstrap checkering of the pistol itself. Sitting atop the slide are a set of target sights — fiber optic on front and a serrated, black HAJO rear (click adjustable for elevation, drift adjustable for windage). Ships with three magazines.


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