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Canik METE SFT – Black/FDE – 9mm


Canik METE SFT – Black/FDE – 9mm for sale | Buy Canik METE SFT – Black/FDE – 9mm online

The Canik brand of firearms is proud to unveil the latest innovation in pistols with the Mete series of handguns. The Mete name pays homage to a legendary Turkish general who is considered by many to be one of the fiercest warriors of all time. This line of pistols undoubtedly lives up to its namesake. Building off of the TP series success, the evolution of this line is based on consumer and engineering suggestions that were found to not only be desired enhancements but also functional improvements. The Mete series is the culmination of years of tireless testing and engineering resulting in a truly impressive end result. Includes is a hard case, two mags, speed loader, IWB/OWB holster, extra backstrap, tool kit & punch, cleaning kits, two optic plates and gun lock.


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