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Beretta A300 Outlander 28″ 12 Gauge


Beretta A300 Outlander, 28″ 12 Gauge for sale | Beretta A300 Outlander, 28″ 12 Gauge for sale


Beretta’s A300 Outlander is a versatile shotgun for upland birds, ducks, turkey and sporting clays. It is made of proprietary steel blends for durability, while the Mobilchoke barrel is designed to shrug off the pounding of heavy hunting loads. The self-cleaning gas piston makes this shotgun shoot much cleaner than other actions, giving more durability as well as less work keeping it in perfect shape. It has a grooved receiver and a reversible safety. The A300 Outlander gives shotgun hunters and shooters its legendary pointability, ease of use and maintenance, as well as absolute reliability. The Synthetic model has a 28″ barrel with bead front sight and a black synthetic stock with an adjustable LOP.


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