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CZ P-10M 9mm – BLK


CZ P-10M, 9mm – BLK for sale | Buy CZ P-10M, 9mm – BLK online

CZ-USA has announced a new era in concealed carry pistols with the much anticipated micro-compact P-10 M pistol release. This gun has everything people love about CZ pistols while being engineered explicitly for flawless concealed carry. The first thing most people notice about the P-10 M is its completely smooth appearance. There are no controls or levers on either side of the gun other than the magazine release. The P-10 M is also a snap to disassemble for cleaning. Remove the take-0down pin from the frame, and the slide comes right off. Since self-defense situations can arise at any time or place, the P-10 M comes standard with a set of robust 3-dot sights.


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