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Colt Gustave Young Engraver 1911 .45ACP BLUE


Colt Gustave Young Engraver 1911, .45ACP, BLUE for sale | Buy Colt Gustave Young Engraver 1911, .45ACP, BLUE online

The Colt Gustave Young 1911 is a royal blue polished series 70 .45 caliber model O1970A1CS handgun. It is one of 525 specially factory serialized handguns. Serial numbers are VJC001-VJC525

Our engraver embraced the style of Young’s Germanic scroll and intricate inlay work as the basis for the pattern. The engraver imagined what Young might draw if he were given the opportunity to work on a 1911. This hand engraved pattern was faithfully reproduced on the firearm by the artisans at Baron Engraving. The scrollwork is selectively plated in silver. In addition the barrel bushing, hammer, magazine and slide release are high polished. In the tradition of exhibition firearms the remaining metal surfaces have been high polished in royal blue. The grips are unique high polished rosewood dymond wood material that are inscribed with a pattern that reflects the Young style. Grip screws are bright stainless hex style. This gun is a significant addition to TALO’s Colt Engraver’s Series.

Initial production shipped Sept 2019.

  • Only 500 units will actually be built despite the serial number range to 525. Colt did not produce 25 assorted serial numbers below 500 and replaced them with 25 above # 500. Sometimes we must accept that which we can not control. We are honored to be a very good Colt customer.


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