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Colt CR6940 Mono Carbine – .223/5.56mm


Colt CR6940 Mono Carbine – .223/5.56mm for sale | Buy Colt CR6940 Mono Carbine – .223/5.56mm online

The advantage of the CR6940 is unmatched. The CR6940 displays fresh ingenuity with Mil-Spec hammer and trigger pivot pins, a Magpul MBUS iron sight and a folding front sight for enhanced optical solutions, a straight gas tube and a removable lower rail which provides modularity for under mounting accessories. The patented one-piece monolithic upper receiver incorporates a continuous Mil-Spec rail from the rear of the upper receiver to the front sight. This feature affords unmatched repeatability for mounting optical systems, not found with separate handguard rail systems. Designed with accuracy in mind, its true free-floating barrel provides the enhanced accuracy necessary for long-range acquisition capability.


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